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Recorded webinar hosted 06/29/11: New Legislative and Case law Developments in Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Eviction Law.

(Laws and rulings are changing monthly. More are on the way. Don’t get left behind).

I. Foreclosure and Lender Liability Claims:

  • Lender Duties to Borrowers and how to Avoid Liability
  • Attacks on the Sale Process. How to avoid and defend

  • II. Bankruptcy:

  • Repeat Filings and the Automatic Stay
  • Chapter 20
  • Lien Strips and Cram Downs: New cases: What every Lender should know
  • Privacy Violation Considerations: Filing Proofs of Claim can be dangerous. Avoid Lawsuits

  • III. Eviction:

  • New laws, new lender responsibilities
  • Judgments entered in an eviction case can stop later Law Suits by your borrower

  • IV. Legislation

  • SB 1149: (Eviction)
  • SB 931: New Short Sale and Anti-Deficiency Protections. Can they be waived?
  • SB 1427 and SB 1137: Post Foreclosure Sale Considerations
  • AB Bill No. 2365 California Service Member Corrallary: New rights for servicemembers, more worries for Lenders who don’t comply
  • AB 1321: Proposed: “Show me the note Legislation”
  • SB 412 & 458: Proposed: More short sale legislation proposed.
  • AB 643: Proposed: Pre-Foreclosure Counseling Legislation
  • SB 4: Proposed: New advisements at foreclosure sale to purchasers and buyers

  • "This firm knows what they are doing . SLG is an unique, pragmatic law firm: In this rapidly changing legal environment, they keep me informed, protect our interests and understand our business needs".

    - Pat McCarty, Sr. VP Circle Bank

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    Recorded event: June 29, 2011 Time: Now Available!

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