Creditor Bankruptcy Fundamentals in Consumer Cases

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Recorded Webinar: Creditor Bankruptcy Fundamentals in Consumer Cases

This webinar will help you avoid delay and costly mistakes and will make you money!

Recorded event hosted: September 20, 2011, 10:00-11:15 AM PST


  • The Automatic Stay:
    • PACER: Why it is essential and how to use it effectively. .
    • What to do when in doubt if a BK filed.
    • Repeat Filings:"Strike one", Strike two", Strike three". When are you out? (New case law).
    • What about sales or repossessions that violate the stay?
    • Can you negotiate short sales or loan mods in BK?
  • Comparison of Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 cases.
  • Proofs of Claim:
    • When must they be filed?
    • New Rules governing filing of Lender Claims in BK effective Dec.1. Prepare now so claims are not rejected!
    • Objections to Claims: How to respond.
  • Collateral Generating Income:
    • One simple step to protect yourself upon filing when your collateral generates income i.e. rents and profits.
  • Objection to Chapter 13 Plans. Responding to Lien Strips
    • When must you object to a plan?
    • What if you are late?
    • Real Property "Cram Downs" and "Lien Strips". What are they. How to respond, and when to walk away. Can Shared Appreciation be an answer?
    • Auto cases: It's not enough to object to the value. How to maximize upfront payments. "910" Priority Loan Payments.
  • Chapter 13 Administration:
    • When should you be getting paid on your claims and how to monitor properly.
  • Motions for Relief from Stay:
    • File or wait for the discharge?
    • Do you need them when there is a refile? Comfort orders.
    • When do you need valuation (appraisal) evidence. How to get around it whenever possible.
    • Adequate Protection Orders: What should be in them. How to get the protection you are entitled to.
  • Reaffirmation Agreements:
    • Is the "Ride Through" over? (new case law)
    • How to maximize the ability to get reaffirmation agreements.
    • More Protection for Credit Unions (new case law)
  • Non Discharge Cases: Don't give up valuable rights. When to file them.
  • Questions and Answers.


"This firm knows what they are doing . SLG is an unique, pragmatic law firm: In this rapidly changing legal environment, they keep me informed, protect our interests and understand our business needs".

- Pat McCarty, Sr. VP Circle Bank


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Recorded event: September 20th
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