SB 900 Update: California Foreclosure-Bankruptcy-Eviction: Legislative and Litigation Update

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SB 900 Update: California Foreclosure-Bankruptcy-Eviction: Legislative and Litigation Update

Laws and rulings are changing monthly. More changes on the way. Don't get left behind!

California Foreclosure-Bankruptcy-Eviction: Legislative and Litigation Update: (Where have we been, Where are we going)
Prepare for SB 900 compliance now and avoid costly lawsuits!! (Review of key provisions included in course materials).


  • Overview:
    • Housing Recovery? Update: How will recent economic trends and legislation impact loss mitigation practices and procedures.
  • Loss Mitigation:
    • From forbearance agreements to loan modifications. What are the legal and legislative trends? New requirements. How to prepare.
  • Obtaining Deficiency Judgments and Short Sales:
    • When and how to obtain a deficiency judgment.
    • Impact of SB 458 on ability to obtain borrower or third party contributions to short sale.
  • Key California Legislation:
    • SB 900: Foreclosures will never be the same in CA.
    • Prepare for compliance now and avoid costly lawsuits (Breakdown of key provisions included in course materials). There is time to prepare, provisions effective 1.1.13.
    • Compliance depends in part on what is a covered loan and how many foreclosures you process. Learn what your obligations are.
    • NOD on covered loans cannot occur until covered lenders/"servicers" disclose the right of borrower to obtain documents, payment histories, and evidence of the authority to foreclose. Post-foreclosure disclosures also required. Learn if you are covered and what you must do.
    • Review of Expiring CA Legislation and other bills that have recently passed or may soon pass.
  • Foreclosure Litigation Case Review and Impact of new Legislation:
    • Review of recent cases and trends.
    • Does SB 900 bring back “show me the note” and other claims?
    • Allowing the borrower a private right of action and right to claim damages and attorney’s fees under SB 900 will likely overturn current case law protecting lenders from many foreclosure claims. Learn how to avoid claims.
  • Eviction Update:
    • Recently passed CA law adopts federal eviction protections related to evictions after foreclosure.
    • Understand the trends and borrower strategies to extend post-foreclosure tenancies.
    • How to combat “phony” post-foreclosure tenant claims.
  • Bankruptcy Update.
    • Motions for Relief from Stay: Transfer of fractionalized interests in property to obtain multiple stays. How to combat them and shorten the process.
    • “Lien Strips” and the 1111b Election: Don’t just watch your loans be wiped out in bankruptcy. Effective strategies to preserve your loans.

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