Firm Background

Spencer Scheer & Joshua Scheer are the principals of Scheer Law Group, LLP (“SLG”). They combine over forty years of experience representing nationally known lenders, mortgage brokers, business owners and investors in consumer and commercial litigation and transactional work, with an emphasis on creditor bankruptcy and real estate law. Together they lead a highly trained staff of dedicated professionals, whose goal is to provide superior service and a full range of litigation and transactional services at a fair price.

Spencer Scheer heads up the Northern California office. Spencer has been rated AV (top lawyer rating) by Martindale-Hubbell and has been selected to the Super Lawyers list by Thomson Reuters. He has over 30 years of experience in real estate, creditor bankruptcy, and general business litigation and transactional matters. He has developed a reputation as a hardworking and effective litigator, providing personalized results-oriented servicers to his clients throughout California. Mr. Scheer has extensive experience in state and federal courts, having handled over 200 jury and non-jury trials on a wide variety of matters.

Joshua Scheer heads up the Southern California office and manages the consumer litigation and bankruptcy department of SLG. He has also been selected by Thomson Reuters to the Super Lawyers list and brings that same focus and dedication that SLG clients have come to expect over the years. Mr. Scheer handles trial and transactional consumer litigation matters as well as consumer and commercial creditor bankruptcy matters.

SLG represents its clients in all state and federal courts throughout California. SLG has been very successful in representing its clients in the following areas of law: creditor bankruptcy, civil litigation matters, real estate litigation and transactional matters, contract litigation and transactional matters, privacy compliance, title company litigation, corporate litigation and transactional matters, lender liability defense, including lender and broker fraud litigation, receiverships, collection litigation, landlord/tenant and eviction matters.


SLG is nationally recognized for providing superior knowledge, value, and personalized service to its clients. In 2006, SLG was formed in order to focus on providing quality representation to clients with business interests in California. SLG seeks to provide superior legal services in the most cost-effective manner possible. SLG concentrates on avoiding expenditures of fees for litigation tasks which do not substantially increase the prospect of litigation victory. Towards that end, SLG will often utilize flat fee billing arrangements in order to provide its clients with a specified range of services at a fair and predetermined price. This allows for predictability in the pricing of some legal services and ensures that SLG works at maximum legal efficiency.

Since its formation in 2006, SLG has expanded its practice to include additional areas of real estate law, including mortgage fraud, landlord/tenant, and business litigation, by welcoming to its team additional associates and staff with extensive experience in these areas. In 2015, SLG also opened a Southern California office in Orange County, CA, while maintaining its same operation in Northern California. This allows SLG to better meet the ever-changing needs of its clients and helps SLG to respond quickly and efficiently to its clients’ needs.


SLG is dedicated to offering its Lender and Small Business Clients in-house training sessions at no cost, to enhance their knowledge and ability to effectively deal with the wide variety of legal issues facing these clients.


In order to maximize the effectiveness of operations, SLG also offers client assistance programs at no cost. When your case volume increases beyond current capabilities or you are experiencing staffing problems, SLG can be your solution. At no cost to you, we will send an experienced team to your office to assist in solving any temporary backlog problems and packaging files for referral. Do not hesitate to contact SLG for assistance requirements due to acquisitions, staffing deficiencies, or significant business expansion.


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