Event: New Legislative and Case law Developments in Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Eviction Law

Date: June 29, 2011
Time: 10:00-11:00 am (PST)
Location: Online
PRESENTATION BY: Spencer Scheer, from the Scheer Law Group, LLP.

(Laws and rulings are changing monthly. More are on the way. Don’t get left behind).

Agenda Topics:

I. Foreclosure and Lender Liability Claims:

  • Lender Duties to Borrowers and how to Avoid Liability
  • Attacks on the Sale Process. How to avoid and defend

  • II. Bankruptcy:

  • Repeat Filings and the Automatic Stay
  • Chapter 20
  • Lien Strips and Cram Downs: New cases: What every Lender should know
  • Privacy Violation Considerations: Filing Proofs of Claim can be dangerous. Avoid Lawsuits

  • III. Eviction:

  • New laws, new lender responsibilities
  • Judgments entered in an eviction case can stop later Law Suits by your borrower

  • IV. Legislation

  • SB 1149: (Eviction)
  • SB 931: New Short Sale and Anti-Deficiency Protections. Can they be waived?
  • SB 1427 and SB 1137: Post Foreclosure Sale Considerations
  • AB Bill No. 2365 California Service Member Corrallary: New rights for servicemembers, more worries for Lenders who don’t comply
  • AB 1321: Proposed: “Show me the note Legislation”
  • SB 412 & 458: Proposed: More short sale legislation proposed.
  • AB 643: Proposed: Pre-Foreclosure Counseling Legislation
  • SB 4: Proposed: New advisements at foreclosure sale to purchasers and buyers

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    - Pat McCarty, Sr. VP Circle Bank