Orange County Landlord Tenant Disputes

Orange County Landlord Tenant Disputes

SLG represents both commercial and residential landlords in lease preparation and review as well as unlawful detainer and tenant disputes.

Lease Preparation and Review

SLG handles both transactional and litigation leasing agreement matters. Our highly knowledgeable leasing attorneys will prepare and review leases–residential, commercial, office, retail, industrial, NNN–for landlords, lenders, private lenders, and other secured creditors.

SLG confidently represents a wide variety of commercial and residential landlords; they stay on top of current market conditions and other issues landlords face, such as ADA, SDNA, operating expenses and premises construction.

SLG advises landlords during tenancy in response to landlord-tenant issues that may arise.  Our attorneys are also able to assist its landlord and lender clients if there is a bankruptcy relating to a commercial or residential loan or tenancy, avoiding the need to interpose different counsel for the same tenant issues.

Leasing Attorney in Orange County Protecting Your Business

Due to complex federal and California real estate law, as well as local regulations and ordinances, understanding your rights as a commercial or residential landlord or lender in Orange County is not always straightforward.

As property owners ourselves, our hardworking and trusted lawyers at Scheer Law Group, LLP can help you manage your business and get the legal outcomes that you are looking for. Contact a top commercial and residential lease attorney at Scheer Law Group, LLP today, to schedule a consultation and learn more about how to protect yourself and your business.

When Facing Landlord-Tenant Issues in Orange County

While renting and leasing properties can be lucrative or an exciting investment opportunity, sometimes disputes between renters and landlords can arise. The disputes can be related to a variety of issues, including rent increase disputes, security deposit disagreements, and breach of lease agreement-related issues. If you are renting out your property, it is important to know your rights — and landlord-tenant lawyers can help you protect and serve your interests.

Because our staff includes a former in-house counsel for a large property owner in San Francisco, we understand property ownership as a business and seek to assist our clients by taking a pragmatic, business-savvy approach, rather than a purely legalistic approach. SLG counsels both commercial and residential property owners, property management companies, lenders and real estate brokers regarding landlord-tenant matters including leasing, tenancy modifications, buyouts, rent control matters, and legal steps to ensure owners receive the maximum value for their properties upon sale or refinancing. SLG has litigated landlord-tenant matters throughout California, including unlawful detainer, damages for breach of lease, declaratory relief, writs of mandate, and defense of tenant lawsuits including wrongful eviction. SLG also makes an appearance before local rent boards and other administrative agencies to further its clients’ needs.

Legal Assistance for Orange County Landlords & Commercial Property Owners

An Orange County landlord-tenant lawyer can represent a landlord, lender, or the owner of a real estate property, in a variety of ways, including:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating lease agreements. An attorney may create and evaluate lease agreements to verify that the terms of the lease are appropriately reflected and protect the interest of landlords and lenders. They can also negotiate the terms of the lease with other parties, such as tenants and landlords so that the terms of the lease are in the best interest of your business.
  • Advising on compliance with laws and regulations. A commercial lease attorney can determine whether you are complying and following zoning regulations, environmental laws, and other laws and regulations that may apply to your commercial real estate business.
  • Representing your business in disputes. In the event of a commercial or landlord-tenant lease dispute, a commercial lease attorney can represent your business in court or in arbitration or mediation proceedings, ensuring your interests are protected.
  • Advising on lease termination and eviction. If a tenant breaches the lease agreement, an attorney can assist the landlord and lenders with the legal process of eviction. This includes preparing and filing the necessary paperwork, representing the landlord in court, and advising you on the process of terminating a lease and the legal requirements for evicting a tenant, including the notice periods and the legal procedures involved.
  • Advising on leasehold mortgages and ground leases. Commercial lease attorneys are knowledgeable about the legal implications of different types of leasehold mortgages and ground leases, and they can explain the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved.
  • Advising on security deposit laws and regulations. An attorney can advise the landlord on the laws and regulations regarding security deposits, including the proper handling and return of security deposits to the renter, and the requirements for storing and itemizing deductions.
  • Advising on discrimination laws. An attorney can advise the landlord on compliance with discrimination laws, ensuring the landlord does not discriminate against tenants based on their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, ancestry, familial status, or source of income.

California laws are subject to change, and it is always best to consult with an experienced California eviction attorney or an Orange County commercial real estate lawyer to understand the specific laws and regulations that may apply to your situation. Our attorneys can provide guidance and representation to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and to protect your interests in any landlord-tenant dispute that may arise.

Hiring Legal Representation That Fights for You

The real estate attorneys at Scheer Law Group, LLP have years of experience, and knowledge of the local laws and regulations in Orange County, CA and throughout California that could apply to your landlord-tenant dispute or commercial leasing and real estate challenges. Reach out to a specialized attorney at SLG as soon as possible to ensure your rights are represented and protected.


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