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July 30, 2021
New Emergency CFPB COVID-19 Regulations re Residential Mortgages go into effect August 31, 2021.
1% Mortgage Rates by the end of the year?   Don’t laugh, we have solid reasons why and why deflation, not inflation is the biggest problem facing the Fed. Listen to Spencer interview noted financial advisor Steven Van Metre.
Hear what Americans think about the social and political  divide in this nation, as Spencer interviews America in the Where is the Love? Segment.
New CFPB Emergency Regulations: The potential impact of variants aside, it is clear that the pandemic has receded in the U.S.   Even so, stimulus and forbearance programs on federal, state and local levels continue at a record pace.  This seems to be morphing from needed emergency economic assistance to social engineering.    In in our Legal Segment, we will analyze some of the economic factors impacting recovery in the U.S. and will look at recent emergency C-19 regulations issued by the CFPB to prolong mortgage foreclosure relief into 2022 and beyond.
1% Mortgage rates by Year End?   In our interview segment, Spencer interviews Steven Van Metre, a noted financial advisor who believes that this may be inevitable.   Steven has espoused a contrarian position over the last year,  calling for deflation and predicting that  government bond yields would nose dive, when almost everyone else was and is calling for inflation and skyrocketing rates. Learn why,  and protect yourself now, if you agree.
Finally, in our where is the Love Segment:  We will find the love in the American People.  Join  Spencer and his lovely assistant the one and only Marti Scheer as  they go across  the country to interview people asking one simple question:  
You may  be surprised at the answers they received. 
Disclaimer:  None of the legal, or financial opinions or information  expressed in this podcast may be relied on as legal, or investment advice by Scheer Law Group, LLP.  Laws and economic issues  affecting the subjects of this podcast change daily. This mandates  specific review of legal or economic issues of interest or concern to you with legal counsel or financial advisors who are experienced in the areas of law or finance discussed in this podcast.
‎Sunday, ‎June ‎20, ‎2021, ‏‎5:00:00 AM

Many are forecasting inflation, even run-away inflation as a result of massive government stimulus and money printing. Quietly, however, a growing number of economists are predicting deflation, including deflation of the residential RE market. In the legal segment, Spencer will examine massive hidden stimulus resulting from legal roadblocks to enforcement of lender and landlord rights, and why continuation of eviction, foreclosure and payment moratoriums may be signaling residential real estate deflation and a recession.

No interview this month in this abbreviated episode, with a special interview in our next Episode.

In our final segment, we will take a detour from our WHERE IS THE LOVE segment and will travel to the BIZZARO WORLD to look at just how far things have changed since the official onset of the pandemic last year.

Episode #3: Changing Legal Landscape: Increasing Regulation of Landlords and Lenders in CA

‎Thursday, ‎June ‎10, ‎2021, ‏‎5:00:00 PM

Federal, State, Local and governments are increasingly regulating every area of life. When is the state overreaching and when is it acting legitimately to balance the rights between landlords and tenants? Examine increasing regulation of landlord and tenant relationships in CA, governing everything from rent control to a recently enacted law in 2021 requiring that landlords accept Section 8 vouchers or face discrimination law suits. Then join Spencer as he interviews Jon Seigel a well-known landlord counsel as they discuss these laws and the impact on Landlords and Lenders in CA. Key insights into real world issues facing lenders and landlords in court and how to respond to them. Finally, in our Where is The Love Segment, Spencer will examine some ridiculous laws passed over the years. He will compare them to even more ridiculous laws recently passed because of the state of emergency arising under the pandemic to see if there needs to be a more rigorous effort balance health and safety concerns with personal liberty in order to “Keep the Love”.

Episode #2: It all Happens in the Bankruptcy Court

‎Wednesday, ‎May ‎26, ‎2021, ‏‎2:23:12 PM

Episode 2: Anything can and will happen to lenders, landlords and investors in the United States Bankruptcy Court.  Examine some of the most impacting trends, as Spencer takes you through the bankruptcy demolition derby and what you can do to avoid demolition of your rights. Then listen as Spencer interviews retired Bankruptcy Judge Alan Jaroslovsky and get Judge’s take on these issues along with colorful stories of his years on the bench. Finally, in the Where is the Love Segment, Spencer will examine the recent case of Martin v City of Boise. allowing homeless people to sleep or camp on public property and the potential for further devastating impact on the rule of law in this country.

DISCLAIMER:  The thoughts and opinions in this podcast or on the SLG website cannot be relied on as legal or investment advice. If you have questions relating to the issues raised in this podcast or from reviewing the SLG website, review with your legal counsel or investment specialist.

Episode #1: New Laws 2021: Don’t Get Left Behind! Inflation or Deflation?

‎Friday, ‎May ‎7, ‎2021, ‏‎10:12:18 AM
There has been a tsunami of recent CA and Federal Laws affecting loans, leases,  evictions,  and foreclosures. Laws are changing daily.   Stay up to date and learn why these new laws add billions of hidden stimulus to a growing national debt and whether this will lead to runway real estate inflation or deflation. Then listen in as Spencer interviews “everyman” Matt Mulldoon to debate whether we are facing inflation or deflation and whether crypto currency is the future and the way out of government regulation of currency. Finally, in our Where is the Love Segment, see if you agree with Spencer that MLB’s recent move of the All Star game out of Georgia to Colorado is just one more example of corporate overreach.   Weigh in on whether a national cage fighting match might be a better way to solve intractable political problems.
DISCLAIMER:  The thoughts and opinions in this podcast or on the SLG website cannot be relied on as legal or investment advice. If you have questions relating to the issues raised in this podcast or from reviewing the SLG website, review with your legal counsel or investment specialist.

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