SLG Client Alert: Don’t Miss our New Year’s Podcast: 2022: New Laws and Trends; and: A Trip to the Casino, a Good Investment? Don’t Bet on it. Interview with Rick Lopez.

SLG Client Alert: Don’t

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From: Spencer Scheer
Date:January 4, 2021
Subject: 2022: New Laws and Trends; and: A Trip to the Casino, a Good Investment?  Don’t Bet on it.  Interview with Rick Lopez.

2021 was a wild year. We hope 2022 will be better.  After a world-wide pandemic, lockdowns, vaccinations and turbulent economic, political and social turmoil, we could use a rest.
However, life does not work that way, and as we enter the new year, we want to give a brief recap of some new laws affecting Lenders in 2022, and  trends we have observed in 2021 that we think may continue to take hold in 2022, including:

1. Friction between government control and regulations, and individual rights.
2. The likely outcome of the Inflation v Deflation Battle.
3. Sovereign Transition to Digital Assets.


In the face of all  this uncertainty, and change, you  may be tempted to just fly to Vegas, or go down to your local casino and put all your money on Lucky 7 at the roulette table, and hope for the best. We don’t recommend it. But if you do, listen to Spencer’s interview with entrepreneur and gaming industry insider Rick Lopez, it could be one of the smartest investments of your time that you have made all year. We hope you have enjoyed the Truth Serum podcast. It is a labor of love and we are starting to get some national traction.  We just passed 10K downloads in less than 8 months and are interviewing nationally known and interesting guests on everything that matters. If you like what you hear, please give us Five star rating and leave some feedback wherever you get your podcasts.

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Spencer Scheer

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