SLG Client Update : CFPB Relaxes Loan Disclosure and Rescission Rules in Response to C-19

SLG Client Update :

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Date: April 29, 2020
To: All Scheer Law Group Clients and Affiliates
From: Spencer Scheer
Subject: CFPB Relaxes Loan Disclosure and Rescission Rules in Response to C-19.

The COVID -19 (“C-19”) crises has now extended its tentacles into consumer loan origination. The CFPB announced today that it is relaxing the standards applicable providing final loan costs estimates under TRID and for a borrower to waive the TILA right to rescind a consumer loan, to make it easier for consumers to obtain credit, without delay.

  •  Final estimate of loan charges has to be provided in good faith 7 business days before consummation.
  •  For purposes of determining good faith, revised loan estimates can be used in limited situations. One such situation is “changed circumstances.” C-19 related changes now qualify as a changed circumstance. For example: If disclosure of an appraisal cost changes and is increased because of a shortage of appraisers due to the C-19 crises, the revised cost can be deemed in good faith.
B. TILA Right of Rescission:
  •  A borrower on a covered loan has three business days from consummation to rescind a loan. Accordingly, lenders must wait three days from consummation to close the loan.
  •  A borrower can waive the three day waiting period if:
  • The waiver describes a bona fide emergency;
  • There is a waiver or modification of the waiting period.
  • The waiver bears the signature of all consumers liable on the loan
  •  C-19 related issues can now be deemed a bona fide emergency.
C. Effective Date:
  •  The CFPB has accelerated the effective date to be the date of publication of the rule in the Federal Register (and not subject to the general 30-day delay).
D. Where you Can Find the Announcement and Rule:

The announcement and link to the interpretative advisement can be found at:

Please call or email if you have questions.

Spencer Scheer

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