Laws and Regulations are changing by the hour. The attached general update should be read in connection with the following:

On Monday the Judicial Council of California approved 11 temporary emergency rules, including suspensions of evictions and judicial foreclosures ( as opposed to non-judicial foreclosures). The emergency rules will be in place until 90 days after the Governor declares the COVID-19 state of emergency to be over. The Judicial Council’s action, approved by unanimous vote Monday, applies to all evictions, regardless of cause, and will remain in effect until 90 days after Newsom declares an end to the current state of emergency. The only exceptions are evictions that are found to be necessary for the public health or safety.

The action halts legal procedures used by property owners to initiate and enforce evictions.

Among the actions the council approved, to go into effect immediately:
•Suspend the entry of defaults in eviction cases;
•Suspend judicial foreclosures;
•Allow courts to require judicial proceedings and court operations be conducted remotely, with the defendant’s consent in criminal proceedings;
•Extend the statutes of limitations governing civil actions; and
•Allow electronic depositions in civil cases.

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Spencer Scheer